The laboratory shakers with the best design

There are equipment that is common to any laboratory and shakers are one of them. While it is true that it can be achieved almost anywhere, the hard part is to get a really good one.


As with everything, there are several types of shakers, so suddenly the selection of the best may become a bit complicated. At Kalstein we invite you to see one designed and assembled by us, which will surely make you feel comfortable knowing that you will have the perfect combination of technology and innovation.


At Kalstein we offer two models of orbital shakers, the YR407 and YR406. They are powerful variable speed agitators that provide efficient orbital motion. Speed and time are controlled by microprocessor. The agitators designed by Kalstein can be applied in different laboratories such as microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.


These models feature digital speed control, making them more precise and convenient. Its speed range is between 50 rpm and 250 rpm. Its orbit is 20 mm. In addition, they come with a universal platform, flat platform or clamped platforms, do you need more?


In addition, these agitators have a maximum load capacity of 2.5 kg. These models can be used in cold stores or incubators. Now, if you want to check its cost and existence you can go to our web store or contact us.